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Personal details

For example, 01 08 1980

How would you like to be addressed? Examples include she, he, they and other options.

Experience and skills

What are you hoping to get out of this experience? What skills would you like to use or develop?

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As part of our safeguarding procedures we’ll need you to provide two references. At least one referee should know you in a professional (either working, academic or volunteering) context, but the second referee can be a friend. Examples could include a current or previous employer/line manager, support worker, landlord, teacher/tutor, another volunteer or another person in a professional position. If you are under 18, you only need to provide details of one referee, excluding family and friend. We’ll contact these individuals before you start volunteering.
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Referee 2

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Emergency Contact

Your Emergency Contact is the person you would like called first should you have an emergency.

Additional information

We aim to create a positive environment that enables all volunteers to realise their full potential. Feel free to discuss any disabilities or health issues you may have at your interview with the shop manager, so that we can consider any appropriate adjustments and better support you in your role.

This will not necessarily stop you from volunteering with Oxfam, however, the shop manager may ask you to complete a separate form.

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